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Market Analysis

Identifying a fair price within a market can be a daunting task, even when there is only five to ten aircraft available in a particular market. However some markets have twenty-five to even fifty or more aircraft on-market. The majority of time, aircraft are listed with undisclosed prices or skewed prices that really do not help the buyer make an informed pricing judgment. A detailed and accurate market analysis can be the difference between getting a great price or grossly overpaying…

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Advertising Immediately upon the listing of your aircraft, we begin gathering all of the information we will need to create the highest quality market presence. This includes presentable photographs, specifications and technical data of the aircraft. From this information we generate marketing materials such as brochures, digital and print, post cards and more. Once the initial...
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Transaction Management

Aircraft transactions can be broken down to tens if not hundreds of individual components that must not only be executed correctly but also managed as well. Even a properly executed task can be rendered ineffective if not executed at the right time and in the correct sequence. It only takes one mistake to hinder a...
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Contracts and Closing

Based on the structure of an aircraft transaction, many different forms and documents may need to be obtained and filed with certain registries to perfect the closing. The goal at this stage of the transaction is to be sure that all official documents and formalities have been accomplished in a way that minimizes or eliminates the clients exposure of future contingent liability. We coordinate with…

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