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Flight Needs Analysis

If you have been sold a great deal on the wrong aircraft, you have been sold a bad deal. Many owners will purchase an aircraft, only to turn around in 12 months and sell because it does not fit their needs. The buying and selling of aircraft is costly and time consuming, so getting it...
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Market Analysis

Identifying a fair price within a market can be a daunting task, even when there is only five to ten aircraft available in a particular market. However some markets have twenty-five to even fifty or more aircraft on-market. The majority of time, aircraft are listed with undisclosed prices or skewed prices that really do not help the buyer make an informed pricing judgment. A detailed and accurate market analysis can be the difference between getting a great price or grossly overpaying…

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Advertising Immediately upon the listing of your aircraft, we begin gathering all of the information we will need to create the highest quality market presence. This includes presentable photographs, specifications and technical data of the aircraft. From this information we generate marketing materials such as brochures, digital and print, post cards and more. Once the initial...
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Accurate Appraisals

Evaluating asset prices in any market is essential for sales, bookkeeping and other financial purposes. So, in addition to popular and widely used value guides such as Vref and Aircraft Bluebook, we have our own in-house value models based on real-time market prices and data. While other guides may lag the market by three months...
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