Transaction Management

Aircraft transactions can be broken down to tens if not hundreds of individual components that must not only be executed correctly but also managed as well. Even a properly executed task can be rendered ineffective if not executed at the right time and in the correct sequence. It only takes one mistake to hinder a transaction but it takes doing every single one of them correctly in order to make it successful. So, having a professional in your corner that can navigate a transaction from start to finish is an invaluable asset. It creates a good outcome and we hope, a positive experience.

Pre-Purchase Inspections
Unfortunately, pre-purchase inspections are one of the most suspect portions of a transaction. The majority of all failed transactions occur at this stage after being contracted. Having this knowledge ahead of time, we take the necessary steps to protect our clients during these inspections. We start at the contracting stage with the buyer by negotiating the best pre-purchase inspection terms up-front. However, any gaps we cannot fill in the contract are supplemented with on-site representation when necessary.

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