Immediately upon the listing of your aircraft, we begin gathering all of the information we will need to create the highest quality market presence. This includes presentable photographs, specifications and technical data of the aircraft. From this information we generate marketing materials such as brochures, digital and print, post cards and more. Once the initial marketing preparation is complete, we contact our advertising outlets and network of over 1,000 aircraft sales companies to ensure all market participants are aware of the aircraft thereby maximizing the possibility of finding that perfect buyer.

Lead Generation
The leads and potential buyers are distinctively different in each market we serve. Depending on the aircraft we are selling on your behalf and its respective market, leads can be plentiful and respond well to advertising efforts or scarce and require aggressive, labor intensive searching. We aim to capture the highest volume of leads in all scenarios by leaving nothing to chance. We efficiently act upon leads generated through our advertising as well as those leads generated from our grassroots solicitation and outreach to the marketplace.

Lead Qualification
The vast majority of buyers & leads acquired during a marketing effort will ultimately be unyielding. So, buyer & lead qualification is absolutely essential. This component of aircraft sales is the most difficult aspect to measure but arguably the most important part of what we do. During the course of an aircraft sales effort, leads will be undoubtedly encountered and, if allowed, they will consume weeks, if not months, of your sales professional’s time. It is paramount that your sales professional can quickly and precisely distinguish the buyers so that the qualified buyers do not pass them by while the sales professional has otherwise unknowingly engaged a buyer with little to no chance of perfecting a transaction.

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