Flight Needs Analysis

If you have been sold a great deal on the wrong aircraft, you have been sold a bad deal. Many owners will purchase an aircraft, only to turn around in 12 months and sell because it does not fit their needs. The buying and selling of aircraft is costly and time consuming, so getting it right the first time is a big key to success of aircraft ownership. Every aircraft model offers something unique and different from each other. Some models offer speed but lack efficiency. Some offer technology but sacrifice performance. Some offer efficiency and performance in exchange for high acquisition cost.

We take a full scale approach when identifying the aircraft that is right for you. This starts by having accurate and reliable sources of information. From there, we identify your current and projected future needs in an aircraft i.e. flight profile, airport requirements, operating cost analysis, expected length of ownership and more. This gives us a full scope of your needs and this information is measured against the performance and abilities of each aircraft model to find what best suites you.

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