Expense Audits

Aircraft or fleet owners may wish to have their operation reviewed by an outside source for a way to save money over their current operational platform. We complete a comprehensive audit of all expenses and costs of your aircraft and we search for practices that can be implemented to create savings. We also search for costs that may not be currently apparent or problematic but have potential to manifest into disproportionately larger future expenses. Depending on the situation, it may be cost-effective to rectify a problem in the short term. Our charge to complete this large scale audit is based on the merit of its efficacy. In other words, we only receive compensation when the job is accomplished and the client is realizing the benefit.

Owners and operators that enjoy the luxury and utility of aircraft ownership but are contemplating selling due to the expense of ownership may want to consider this service prior to liquidating the asset.

Expenses Audited
– Flight patterns
– Hour to Cycle ratio
– Programs
– Fuel
– Aircraft depreciation
– Financing
– Maintenance
– Storage
– Insurance
– Reserves
– Much More..

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